EPA members receive the quarterly EPA Mag magazine and our Flash News by e-mail.

The magazine is also available in print.
From Belgium, members residing in another country can obtain our magazine by post for an additional charge of 14,00 € to cover our shipping costs.
The EPA Magazine being reserved for members only, it is not published on this site.
As an example, here is a specimen of EPA Mag.
The Flash News provides information open to all. Its content is therefore published in the "News" section of this site.

Become an EPA MAG correspondent !

You have the "easy pen" and the soul of a reporter?

You can contribute (volunteer) to the EPA MAG by sending us your articles, photos and videos!

What items?

Articles on police and security, of course... But also articles of general interest.
No politics, syndicalism, religion, advertising...
Articles and photos must be personal and copyright free for EPA.
EPA reserves the right not to publish articles deemed non-compliant.

Get involved in this participatory process and ask for your EPA MAG press card!
It is obvious that this press card does not have the legal value reserved for professional journalists.

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