Who we are?

The EPA (European Police Association) is a non-profit association created in 1995 in Brussels. Apolitical, the association brings together officials from European countries with police competences (police officers, gendarmes, customs officers), as well as members of the EU and NATO security services. They have the title of adherent member.
Civilians can be added as sympathetic members under conditions.

Our goals:

- to encourage and establish fraternity links between the members, to encourage exchanges between members of the association
  and their families, to encourage exchanges of information and experience between European police officers;
- provide useful information on safety-related matters through a magazine and news flash;
- organise and participate in meetings, conferences and seminars, as well as events bringing together police and the public, in particular
  between sympathising members and adherents;
- stimulate a spirit of openness and a European police culture.

Our motto: Fraternitas.


Board of Directors:

President:              Paul CIRINO [email protected]
                                   General coordination, management Members, events, relations with delegates,...
Vice-PresidentJacques CAMBIER  [email protected]
                                   Deleted the President and replaces him/her in case of impediment.
Secretary:             André DECORTE [email protected]t
                                   Meeting minutes, production and mailing of membership cards, editing and dispatch of the magazine and
                                   newsletters, sending items from the shop,...
Treasurer:            Raymond BEUN [email protected]
                                   Account  management, budget, balance sheet,...

The members of the Board of Directors are elected for a 3-year term.
They carry out their duties entirely on a voluntary basis.

Founder: Pierre DENONNE (+)

Founder: Pierre DENONNE

Head office :

Rue du Panier Vert 34

Contact : [email protected]

Bank account : IBAN BE60 7320 3723 0570  BIC : CREGBEBB

In charge of missions:
Webmaster : Didier MISSON   [email protected]
Public relations NL : Nadesda GEORGIEV